Just One Week Away!

My portfolio review is one week away and I’m starting to feel stressed! Between being in and out of work for over a week as my son was (and still is) sick and volunteering my design skills to compile a celebratory anniversary booklet for my father-in-law’s coworker, time has gotten away from me and I feel underprepared.

I have been working on a larger piece for a little under a month now. I was hoping to have it done for this review, but it looks like it won’t be making it into my portfolio quite yet. The piece is really coming along nicely, so it’s a shame to leave it out. I’m even considering cropping in on a finished bit of it just to get Guiseppe Catellano’s thoughts on what I have! Not sure yet if I will or not. I am compiling all of my most “finished” illustration pieces into an email tonight to send to him so he will have time to review the pieces before we talk if he wants.

My biggest concern is just feeling like I don’t have many pieces to show, and I am not sure what to expect. Really, the worst that could happen is for him to tell me that none of my art is acceptable and that I have no future in illustration. If that is the case (and God, please let that not be the case), I will just need to continue to practice and refine my work until it is acceptable. This is going to be a great learning experience!

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