Food Ghosts

Pre-launch info on my little spooky food friends!

These fun little guys were born out of a drawing session on my ipad with my toddler. “Draw a ghost! Make it pink!” I complied and we ended up with a bologna ghost.  Over time, this lead to a sandwich ghost, and then a pizza ghost. We giggled as I drew them, and a good time was had. 

The original ghosties
The original ghosties

Over a year passed, and I was trying to think of art I had made that may do well as a pin.  (I love pins, and have a messenger bag covered with them!) I came back to these cute little guys and knew I had something here I could build on. 

Here are the mocked-up versions of my first three designs I will be offering.

Pizza Ghost

Sandwich Ghost

Ramen Ghost

Pre-Launch Page!

My pre-launch page is now available here!

We will be going live next week on Tuesday, April 20.